Pre-installation requirements
1. Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 7 or later, which can be downloaded via: link
2. R version 3.6 or later, which can be downloaded via: Windows users or Mac users

Downloading and installing ImmQuant

For Windows users:
1. Download ImmQuant.msi.
2. Install the software by double clicking the file, and follow the instructions.
3. Run the software:

For Mac users:
1. Download
2. Extract this file to a desired directory on your device.
3. Double click ImmQuant.jar file located in the same directory.

In some cases, the "ComICS" R package, which is required by ImmQuant, fails to install automatically, thus not allowing the deconvolution process to work. In these case, please install the package manually by running the 'install.packages("ComICS")' command in R (You can use any R editor).

Downloading additional reference data and marker genes files (optional)
The log2-scaled reference data files and their marker genes files are available for download:
1. ImmGen mouse reference data (Heng and Painter, 2008).
2. DMAP human reference data (Novershtern et al., 2011).
3. IRIS human reference data (Abbas et al., 2005).