Pre-installation requirements
1. Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 7 or later, which can be downloaded via: link
2. R version 3.1.1 or later, which can be downloaded via: Windows users or Mac users

Downloading and installing ImmQuant

For Windows users:
1. Download ImmQuant.msi.
2. Install the software by double clicking the file, and follow the instructions.
3. Run the software:

For Mac users:
1. Download
2. Extract this file to a desired directory on your device.
3. Double click ImmQuant.jar file located in the same directory.

Downloading additional reference data and marker genes files (optional)
The log2-scaled reference data files and their marker genes files are available for download:
1. ImmGen mouse reference data (Heng and Painter, 2008). Marker genes: Signature FACS-based
2. DMAP human reference data (Novershtern et al., 2011). Marker genes: Signature
3. IRIS human reference data (Abbas et al., 2005). Marker genes: Signature

The ImmQuant team would be happy to incorporate new reference datasets. Please contact us if you are willing to share your newly generated data.